Popular Crypto Slangs- A Beginners Guide

Today Millennials and GenZ are aware of the capabilities of Cryptocurrency. They are eager to invest and want to try out new methods and learn new terms.  Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that helps people with an alternative form of payment using encryption algorithms.

Experienced Cryptocurrency investors are developing new, decentralized monetary assets and infrastructures. Along the way, they’re inventing new slang words for internal use alone. Whether you want to learn more about the industry or make an investment, getting beyond these linguistic obstacles is an excellent place to start. This blog in particular will talk about the various types of crypto slang every first-time investor must know.


15 Slangs every first-time investor must know

An “airdrop” of cryptocurrency is the simultaneous release of tokens to a large number of recipients. To get attention and support, some new projects will “airdrop” or “give away” their tokens. Certain projects will need you to do things like share the news on social media before depositing the token into your bitcoin wallet.


The term “altcoins” (short for “alternative coins”) is frequently used to refer to cryptocurrencies that compete with Bitcoin. Despite the surge in popularity of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Tether, the market value of Bitcoin remains significantly greater than that of any other cryptocurrency (the total value of the circulating supply).


Every investor has the right to know when their coin prices will reach All time High (ATH).

Bag and Bag Holder

Having a bag indicates that you have a large amount of a certain coin. Those who store huge sums of cryptocurrency even as their value approaches zero are referred to as “bag holders.”


If the value of a cryptocurrency falls, some bitcoin supporters may advise you to “buy the dip” (BTD). Unfortunately, this reflects some investors’ “all or nothing” approach.


Any cryptocurrency mined without the owner’s knowledge or consent was mined using a computer infected with cryptojacking software. It’s feasible that they can earn money mining without investing in infrastructure or resources.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) refers to next-generation crypto-centric financial alternatives such as cryptocurrency-based savings and lending platforms.


Any coin that, despite the best efforts of the owner, remains unused in their wallet. You will be unable to trade if your balance is insufficient to fulfil the exchange’s minimum. It is possible that the costs of transporting or using the dust may surpass any potential advantages.


Before investing in bitcoin, DYOR must ensure that you understand where your money is going. Even when investing in a new cryptocurrency is suggested, it is normal practice to advise investors to “do their own research.”


Right now, the market cap is frequently used as a metric in cryptocurrency rankings. The process of enhancing the market value of one cryptocurrency at the expense of another is referred to as “flipping.” The “flipping” will occur when Ethereum, presently in second place in overall market capitalization, passes Bitcoin.


Concerns and scepticism about the cryptocurrency market as a whole, or about specific coins, efforts, or market concerns, are referred to as “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” (FUD). In the field of cryptocurrencies, the abbreviation “FUD” (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) has several definitions and situations. Someone who spreads “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” is known as a “FUDster.”


Maintaining a consistent holding pattern in your crypto holdings despite market gyrations is the greatest strategy for the time being, sometimes known as “hanging on for dear life.” Investors that purchase cryptocurrencies with the purpose of keeping them rather than trading them are often referred to as “HODLers” or “HODLing.”


If the value of your bitcoin rises, you could be able to purchase a Lamborghini or other high-end vehicle (lambo). “When do we get the Lambo?” a coin buyer would question. When may we expect a price increase?

Moon or Mooning

A “moon” occurs when the value of a cryptocurrency increases dramatically in a short period of time. Any astute investor wants to know when their coins will “go to the moon.”


Each Sat is worth 0.00000001 BTC, or one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin. It references the pseudonymous name of Bitcoin’s putative inventor(s), Satoshi Nakamoto, as an abbreviation for “Satoshi.”

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