With the Twitter buyout complete, many companies are looking for opportunities to find their way into the new hub of crypto- Twitter. It is exciting to see new businesses looking to collaborate with the trending platform. Let’s have a look at how the recent crypto and twitter integration news stemmed. The online exchange giant, Binance, is talking more about how it sees crypto opportunities on the social media platform now that it chipped in $500 million of equity financing for the transaction. Binance is establishing a team to support Musk’s efforts to integrate crypto into its platform. The company had previously committed $500 million to Musk’s bid. To assist Elon Musk’s crypto plans regarding Twitter, Binance is said to be looking for ways to provide him with additional support. In an effort to make Twitter more crypto-friendly, Binance plans to team up with Elon Musk. To find out how blockchain and crypto could benefit Twitter, Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, is currently forming a team to investigate that possibility. As part of Binance’s crypto integration efforts, the team will tackle various issues, including preventing crypto spam bots. With businesses offering collaboration and Musk making unique moves like announcing previously suspended accounts would be reinstated shortly, including the U.S. Among other things, crypto users and enthusiasts are eager to see what twitter and cryptocurrrecy has in store for them. Musk’s takeover on Twitter is primarily viewed as a positive development by the crypto industry. Moreover, it is interesting for the audience to see Musk’s interest in integrating crypto payment rails into the platform.

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