There has been a lot of talk about cryptocurrency on Twitter, with many users discussing their cryptocurrency ventures and views, due to which, cryptocurrencies regularly trend on Twitter, with investors bringing their questions and comments straight to the platform. However, have you ever wondered how much impact these conversations have? What drives cryptocurrency cryptocurrency market prices, Twitter or fluctuating prices, that cause cryptocurrency topics to trend? Do these fluctuating prices hold all the power when determining cryptocurrency market prices? During the past few years, Twitter has become the hub of the crypto industry. Users’ sentiment has tended to directly reflect price fluctuations throughout the study, as evident in recent announcements such as Elon Musk’s regarding Tesla accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment. It is no surprise that the biggest crypto influencers on Twitter are ecstatic about the addition of the wealthiest man in the world as Twitter’s CEO and chief “Dogecoin enthusiast”. In his Twitter bio, Musk refers to himself as “Chief Twit” and has laid out his plans for Twitter. Additionally, he has shown particular popularity within crypto circles for defending free speech and opposing permanent bans. According to experts, Twitter can potentially disrupt unbiased communication platforms that reward people for creating quality content in the new age of Bitcoin. It would be exciting to see how Twitter and cryptocurrency blend for their enthusiasts in the near future.

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