Cryptocurrency trading is transforming the future and making headlines. Since cryptocurrency has grown into the news of the hour over recent years, it’s interesting to see its impact and trading progress. Cryptocurrency trading may be relatively new, but it has hooked the OG enthusiasts. With a larger audience entering the crypto world, big brands and names have begun to create crypto trading platforms and services. The famous payment network processor, Mastercard, has recently brought crypto trading capabilities to the bank. Yes, you read that right! With its recent Crypto SourceTM program, MasterCard’s financial institutions are providing their customers with secure crypto trading capabilities, services, and tools. Approximately 29% of respondents in the 2022 Mastercard New Payments Index reported holding cryptocurrency as an investment, while another 65% indicated they preferred a trusted financial institution to provide crypto-related services. Mastercard now offers the following crypto-related services to banks and fintech:
  • Support for buying, holding and selling select crypto assets through technology and partnerships.
  • Cybersecurity, biometrics, ‘Know Your Business’, anti-money laundering, MasterCard’s identity solutions, and crypto analytics are some cybersecurity solutions offered by Mastercard.
  • With the help of crypto cards, open banking, and cross-border services, crypto spending and cash-out capabilities can be offered. Additionally, financial institutions could provide digital receipts and loyalty solutions using Mastercard’s technology.
  • Providing end-to-end support to banks, fintech, and issuers to offer crypto programs at scale, including program design, product development, and technology implementation.
  • As cryptocurrency takes the world by storm, big brands and companies are on their mission to explore crypto and the underlying digital assets technology to support their customers’ payment choices. With the advanced technology, it is exciting to see businesses leveraging the strengths of global companies in their crypto journeys.

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